We at Grupo Fivenca and Ponte Andrade Casanova are committed to Venezuela’s success and we believe in a country with excellent opportunities for investment.

For this reason, we’ve joined forces through an alliance whose goal is to provide the national and international private sector with the proper guidance and all the alternatives for investing in the country.

This includes identifying investment opportunities in different economic and industrial sectors; structuring financing plans for investments; the constitution of the investment project; integral legal advice and analysis of the political and economic situation in Venezuela; and institutional networking.

Who are Grupo Fivenca and Ponte Andrade Casanova?

GRUPO FIVENCA was born of the union of a variety of financially specialized companies whose goal is to focus on developing custom strategies according to our client’s needs, our team features over 35 years of experience and knowledge of the Venezuelan and international financial markets, which makes us experts in every aspect of investment.

At Fivenca, we make sure to stay at the forefront of the national and international financial markets.

Authorized by the National Securities Superintendence, and as members of the Caracas Stock Exchange, we’ve managed sustained growth due to our human talent, our values, and our commitment to the law.

PONTE ANDRADE CASANOVA is recognized for the excellence of their legal services. Our team brings together more than 40 years of professional experience, which allows us to offer our clients services in the fundamental branches of law applicable to industry, commerce, and individuals, such as civil, commercial, labor, occupational health and safety, tax, administrative, judicial and data protection and privacy of information. The firm advises leading national and international clients, such as entertainment, digital streaming, software, food and beverages, banking and insurance, transportation, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, cosmetics, cleaning products, computer hardware and mining.

Ponte Andrade Casanova has an excellent relationship with legal firms from other nations, which allows us to provide integral, universal, and bilingual services.

We are a proud member of IR Global, the world’s largest professional services network, and we can count on allied legal firms who specialize in accounting and financial services, allowing us to provide our clients with a complete package when it comes the essential day-to-day aspects of running a business.